Adjustable Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt

$40.00 $22.99


Adjustable Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt

$40.00 $22.99



Due to our daily lifestyle, whether it be a desk job or sitting on a couch or it can be our smartphones as well which adds up to our bad body posture. This does not happen overnight ofcourse. If i go by a list of some problems which can be caused by incorrect posture, it would be Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain, POOR CIRCULATION, POOR DIGESTION, CURVATURE OF THE SPINE and some others. So, to either cure it or prevent it we need to make some major changes in our daily routine and posture which can not be replaced with anything out there but if you have decided to finally make the change and you are looking for a brace which can actually help you in the prevention and cure both then this Adjustable Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt is the perfect fit for you.


How does the Adjustable Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt work?

  • It pulls your back muscles into their natural position hence promotes good posture by conditioning them to stay that way.
  • Now you must be wondering how uncomfortable it would be to wear these belts all day long under your clothes, but let me tell you that it is so comfortable because of the quality of the material which is used.
  • It is made from breathable, lightweight premium fabric for flexibility. With thicker foam strap padding for extra comfort and support.
  • Results can be seen sooner if used with a proper routine as the body adapts the posture which is forced by this posture corrector.


Adjustable Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt Features

  • Perforation design
  • Premium Quality Material used to make it ultra-comfortable.
  • Adjustable as the name says.
  • Cheapest & Safest alternative to a surgery
  • Perfect for healing and prevention.

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Size chart                 Inches          Cm

Small             —         23 – 26          56 – 88

Medium        —          29 – 39         70 – 98

Large            —           38 – 49         96 – 124


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