Backsupport is an initiative by number of spine specialists, who have experience from years and this is purely focused on curating the best products for healing your back problems and also preventing back problems and keeping a healthy spine through out the life. Where

According to national institute of neurological disorders and stroke About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. So if you are going through any back problem, you are not alone Both men and women are having this problem and the ratio is almost equal so it is not like women is more prone to this or men.

There are number of reasons / causes. the most common is our daily life style which include multiple activities which causes bad posture and back problems

In some causes doctors suggest for surgical treatments which is not the best option for everyone out there so the back braces are used to heal and also to prevent injuries like we have a collection of back support belts in our store which are selected after a lot of testing and researches. Different belts are the best for different purposes which are mentioned.

These will definitely add up to a healthy lifestyle but don’t take it as a magic like those teleshopping ads which gets you 6 pack abs in days.Use these braces with a healthy diet and overall healthy lifestyle for best results

If you have any other doubts or you want to consult a spine specialist to check which is the best belt for you then you can Contact Us here

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